My artwork comes out of my long-standing practice of working through feelings (somatic and emotional) in painting and other art forms, with the intention of gaining insight, deepening understanding and affecting self-transformation.

Through artistic practice I explore the relationship between inner and outer worlds and the process of engendering self-awareness. The imagery of my artwork transverses the threshold between figurative and abstract, emphasising the subjective nature of perception. 

The abstract underpinning of my work is entwined with imagery from the natural world – even the geometry I use could be crystalline or apian. This is a metaphor for the physical body and the fact that all that we are and feel comes out of our bodies. The colours and images in the artworks emerge spontaneously as I work, informing the underlying concepts. I refer to these concepts in the titles of my paintings.

I work with heightened colour and multiple layered surfaces to evoke a psychedelic quality and a sense of mutability through interrelationship. The format of my works, square or circular, connects them to the tradition of mandala painting, where the art object serves as a device to gain access to deeper realms of the psyche, to the subject-object nature of reality. 


Shining Rainbow

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